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Posted by on Feb 13, 2013 in Artículos Varios, Sanación y Oraciones | 1 comment

Learn about angels

Learn about angels

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If you want to learn about angels, please write to me or listen to my internet radio show “LOS ANGELES Y TU” on Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00PM (mexico central time) by and from my web page

Kisses and hugs to all the beautiful people from:

United States, Spain, Canada, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, France, Russian Federation, Sweden, Belgium, Australia, Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, Israel, india, Norway, Aruba, Moroco, Hungary, Cyprus, Bahamas, Romania, Turkey, Haiti, Austria, Poland, Saudi, Arabia, Malta, Philippines, Denmark, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Greece, Ghana, Netherlands Antilles, Andorra, French Guiana, Slovenia, Latvia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Cote D’Ivoire, Luxemburg, Virgin Islands, U.S., Vietnam, Croatia, Zambia, Ireland, Lithuania, Estonia, Equatorial Guinea, Oman.

Thanks for visiting my page.

If you want some text or information in English about angels, write to me and I’ll send it to you.

Write me at




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1 Comment

  1. Hi, there. About two yeras ago I saw a beautiful blue energy ball, I don’t know what that was and to this day the memory still makes me wonder. I would really like to know what that was. I’ve had contact with angels before, but I don’t know what this blue energy ball is. I would deeply appreciate if you coud help me figure out what it is.

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